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Structural Safety And Energy Consumption

Smart Building Evaluation

Utilizing a combination of advanced sensors, imaging devices, and smart algorithms in prediction of risks and damages, MeliuSense is providing a robust solution for evaluation and analysis of energy efficiency and structural defects and integrity in buildings and structures.

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Silhouette of Drone In The Air Over Buildings Under Construction

Energy Efficiency Evaluation & Analysis

Using depth data from aerial imaging together with online sensors across the building we will evaluate it to determine its energy efficiency and areas of weakness
renovation work in an old house and replacing windows, building energy efficiency

Structural Defects & Integrity Evaluation

The building structure will be analyzed over a few weeks and in-depth reports on the structural integrity of the structure and foundation will be generated
Simulation of object temperature check by thermoscan or infrared thermal camera.

Smart Solutions for Potential Future Risks

Weak spots in the structure will be identified based on the collected data and our AI engine predicts potential current and future weaknesses, and gives recommendations for improvements

Benefits Of MeliuSense

Save Resources

Minimize wastes in energy consumption in your commercial building and save money!

Advance Sustainability

Remove defects and improve the structural health of your building

Improve Safety

Detect risks and safety issues online and manage them with our smart recommendations and controls

Advanced Imaging & Processing

For data gathering, we use Intel RealSense depth camera paired with robotic capabilities in order to map the entirety of an indoor structure. 

It provides powerful image processing and depth perception and combines vision processing units with small form factors in order to sense and interact with its surroundings. It also uses inertial measurement unit to refine the technology’s depth awareness, making it ideal for cameras in motion.

Data Driven Analysis

Male engineer monitoring construction site with drone - Technology and industrial concept

Utilize Smart Technology To Manage Your Building

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